Shurco Tarps

Shurco Shur-Trak Tarp System  

             Totally engineered system designed to remove aggravating, time consuming and
 costly problems found in other tarp systems.  Longer wear and durability due to
 simplicity of design and location of part

 Unique Cable Tension Scale allows you to equalize cable tension without tools.  Lowest price product of its kind.  Cover and uncover loads in only seconds.  Easy to load from top or sides (system compacts tightly to front of trailer).  Safe and simple to use ( crank open and  shut from the ground).

  DESIGN Allows: Fastest and easiest installation and replacement of all components -- three sub assemblies:  Cable & Hardware; Bow Shanks & Bows; Tarp.  Simple maintenance -- fewer moving parts and ease of replacement.  Consistent, dependable operation and load protection -- less hassle and down time.


Two types of crank systems


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