Shurco Tarps

Shurco has PBR tarps to fill all your trailer needs.

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Economical in two ways - The Premium Belted Rollup (P.B.R.) is the least expensive roll tarp model Shurco offers, so it's economical to buy. But due to the materials and workmanship that go into every PBR, it's one of the longest-lasting tarps available today, so it's economical to own too.

Quality Constructed to handle any job - Shurco uses only top-grade materials in all its tarp products. All metal components are zinc plated to prevent corrosion and or 22-ounce vinyl fabric that is flame

Safe to operate - The P.B.R. can be opened or closed from the ground. There's no climbing necessary, so you're assured of a more accident-free work environment.

Dependable due to fewer moving parts -  What makes the P.B.R. fast also makes it long-lasting. This Shurco tarp system will easily outlive similar competitive mod maintain appearance.  Dependable due to fewer moving parts. The tarp is made from either 18-OZ. or 22-OZ tear resistant material, that will not shrink, rot, mildew, or leak.  All tarp seams are electronically heat sealed and have the strength of a metal weld.

Universal sizes - As with all Shurco truck products, the P.B.R. is custom-designed to fit all models of open-top truck boxes and semi-trailers.

Simple to secure - When closed, the P.B.R. is held firmly in place by nylon straps that are individually tightened with heavy duty ratchets. This functional Shurco design prohibits the tarp from coming loose regardless of wind or road conditions.

Fast and convenient - The P.B.R. is engineered to be opened with a crank handle and easily pulled shut a rope. A series of straps are easily tightened to secure the tarp  and prevent flapping. The P.B.R. makes tarping much more convenient and saves you valuable time.

Attractive design - Shurco engineers all P.B.R. components to maintain a new appearance. All metal parts are zinc plated and only super strength nylon is used for the straps and tarp fabric. Shurco also offers bows and ridge poles for each P.B.R. farm box unit to keep THE tarp and prevent flapping. The P.B.R. makes tarping tarp looking its best.

One of the newest Shurco innovations is fabric with Head Caps. These revolutionary Head Caps permit fast removal without the need for tools. The fabric Head Caps form a watertight seal where contact is made with the tarp and are strategically reinforced for durability. Shurco also offers Easy Off aluminum Head Caps.
The P.B.R. tarp is held securely closed with a series of heavy nylon straps that are individually tightened with adjustable ratchets. This convenient self-locking system is standard and allows the user to easily tighten or loosen the tarp quickly and easily.

The Easy-Off Stop option is yet another Shurco time saver. With the Easy-Off design, tarp, removal is quick and simple because no tools are necessary. Also, Easy-Off Tarp Stops are constructed of high impact sand cast aluminum and zinc plated steel to ensure long life.

12 attractive tarp colors to choose from The Shur-Lok Tarp System offers a choice of solids  or multi-color combinations to fit your vehicle color scheme.

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