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Shurco  Shur-Lite Lumber Tarps have been engineered to be the strongest, lightest quality lumber tarps on the market by design. The strength and durability of the Shur-Lite comes from using a double needle sewing machine with a special stitch on the loops, D-rings, hems and webbing. We use 1 1/2" D-rings instead of the 1 1/4" industry standard. This increases pounds per pull strength by 44%, almost twice as strong as the normal tarp. We ran hundreds of tests on the hems on the outside edges of the tarp using the same stitch design with a braided loop web rather than a grommet. The composite average showed the loop to be 31 % stronger in pounds per pull than the grommet. Also, the lighter fabric we use tested 11 % stronger than the standard 18 oz fabric on the hem. We start with only the best all American made fabric by Seaman Corporation. Our standard lumber tarp comes with 18 oz top and 10 oz drop sides. Though lighter in weight, our tests have proven it is stronger in pull strength. Each tarp is produced with computer accuracy to insure a precise fit. Our unique heat seal on all seams creates a watertight seal.

Our universal flap can be used at either end so no matter how you roll it out, it will fit the load.

D-RING webbing harness is double row Z-stitched.1-1/2" D-RING tabs are attached to fabric on double thickness heat welded areas of the tarp.


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