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Shurco Fertilizer Spreader Tarp System

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Easy to operate!

Unmatched Quality, Most Attractive, Safest, Fastest, Most Dependable, Simplest, Most Secure, Automatic, and Universal. 

Unmatched quality means longer life. Because of its unique design, the Shur-Lok system ensures the tarp will fit tightly. And a superior fit minimizes fabric movement and Zinc plating protects all hardware, latching and tightening functions are all ac pieces, and the tarp is constructed of durable 18- or 22-oz. vinyl fabric. That material is pliable compressed with the Shur-Lok crank. up to 40 degrees below zero, is flame and tear resistant, and will not shrink, rot, mildew, or leak.

Fastest roll tarp on the market. What makes the Shur-LokŪ safe also makes it fast. Most Attractive in design. Your box or trailer will have a much cleaner look because its finish remains free from damage caused by ropes, straps or cables.

Safest to operate. One person can open or close the Shur-Lok from one location on the ground. There's absolutely no climbing necessary and there's no ropes, straps or cables to come loose or break when you're out on the highway.

Simplest because anyone can operate the Shur-LokŪ. Open or closed, the tarp is easily secured - all with one smooth movement.

Economical to own. When considering the additional benefits of safety and time savings, the Shur-Lok is by far the best value for you.

Most Dependable due to fewer moving parts. There are virtually no metal components to wear out.

Automatic roll tarp system. The opening, closing, latching and tightening functions are all accomplished with the patented Shur-LokŪ crank.

Universal sizes. The Shur-LokŪ roll tarp system is custom-made to fit any truck or trailer on the market today.

Shur-Lok has a wide range of applications: Semi trailer, Farm truck box, Gravity flow box, Fertilizer tenders, Open top vans, Chip trailers, And more!

Shur-Lok's patented locking system requires no ropes, cables, clamps or ties to securely fasten the tarp. No climbing, buckling or tying. Opens or closes in just seconds.

Easy Off Tarp Stops The Easy-Off Tarp Stop option is yet another Shur-Co. time saver. With the Easy-Off design, tarp removal is made quick and simple because no tools are necessary. Also, Easy-Off Tarp Stops are constructed of die cast aluminum and zinc plated steel to ensure long life.

FS_bot_back.jpg The Shur-Return option combines the strength of a braided nylon rope with the resiliency of a high tension spring. The result: a roll return that ensures even tarp distribution over the entire box or trailer. And due to its proven durability, Shur-Co. guarantees all Shur-Return parts for the life of your Shur-Lok.

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The Shur-LokŪ Tarp System offers a choice of solids or multi-color combinations to fit your vehicle color scheme.

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