Shurco End Dump Tarps 
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Unmatched quality means longer life.
Because of its unique design, the Shur-Lok system ensures the tarp will fit tightly. And a superior fit minimizes fabric movement and reduces wear. Zinc plating protects all hardware pieces, and the tarp is constructed of durable 18-oz or 22-oz. vinyl fabric. The material is pliable  up to 40 degrees below zero, is flame and tear resistant, and will not shrink, rot, mildew, or leak. All tarp seams are electronically heat sealed and have the strength of a metal weld.

Most Attractive in design. Your box or trailer will have a much cleaner look because its finish remains free from damage caused by ropes, straps or cables.

Universal sizes. The Shur-Lok roll tarp system is custom-made to fit any truck or trailer on the market today.

Safest to operate. One person can open or close the Shur-Lok from one location on the ground. There's absolutely no climbing necessary and there's no ropes, straps or cables to come loose or break when you're out on the highway.

Fastest roll tarp on the market. What makes the Shur-Lok safe also makes it fast.

One of the popular Shur-Lok innovations is Fabric Head Caps. These revolutionary Head Caps permit fast removal without the need for tools. The Fabric Head Caps form a watertight seal where contact is made with the tarp and are strategically reinforced for durability. Shur-Lok also offers Easy-Off Aluminum Head Caps.
Easy Off Tarp Stops          The Easy-Off Model allows the operator to put on and take off the entire tarp system quickly and easily. This allows the vehicle to be conveniently used for other farm chores. The removal of the tarp requires no tools and can be completed in a few minutes. Special features include the Easy-Off Aluminum Cap, hardware and Easy-Off Tarp Stops.
Shur Flex Crank Mounted to the Side of Box            The Shur-Flex Crank Arm is an option that allows the operator to mount his crank on the side of the truck box rather than across the rear. The Shur-Flex conveniently folds up out of the way, fitting snugly along the side.

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