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The Vulcan V500 Electronics System©
The highest quality on-board scale electronics for the trucking industry.

             The system that combines the most advanced electronics with a user-friendly operation. Works with existing Vulcan load cells and air sensors. Ideal for applications requiring more than two channels or operators who wish to mix tractors and trailers.


The Vulcan V500 Electronics System

  •                               KEY FEATURES

    • Uses the new VULCAN SINGLE LINE (VSL) technology
    • Unlimited mixing of trucks and trailers without any adjustment, just plug in and go
    • Automatically identifies and adjusts for different truck/trailer configurations
    • Handles up to 4 channels
    • Adjustable cycle time (between channels)
    • Brilliant display - large, red LEDs with 4 brightness settings for easy viewing inside/outside the cab
    • Simple operation with new auto-calibrate feature
    • Lockout feature allows full operation of scales while safeguarding against accidental changing of calibration settings
    • Reduced wiring - a single 2 wire cable provides power and communication for all channels
    • Works with Vulcan Super-Beamô, fifth wheel, single point, and center hanger load cells
    • Can be used with air sensors for air-ride suspensions




Description: The Vulcan V500 meter displays individual axle group weights (up to four channels) and the total weight. The meter display can be fixed on any single channel or group of channels or automatically cycled through all active channels. Cycle times are user adjustable from 1 to 9 seconds. The large, bright display can be easily read from outside the truck if desired. An extensive set of help codes assists the user to quickly and easily identify and correct a problem if it occurs.
          The V500 meter uses the new Vulcan Single Line (VSL) technology to minimize truck and trailer wiring for the best reliability. A V500 meter can immediately identify and read the weight from any other VSL equipped truck or trailer.

Description: The VSL Vulcoder receives the analog voltage signal from the load cells or air sensor. A computer inside the Vulcoder then calculates the weight based on the calibration values stored in its memory. When the meter requests weight from a channel, the proper Vulcoder will respond and send the weight information back to the meter. All VSL Vulcoders connect to the same two wire line. Any VSL equipped trailer can be plugged into any truck with a V600 meter and be immediately identified and read properly.

Specification Specification

DISPLAY: LED, variable brightness Primary: .7" high characters
CYCLE SPEED: Variable, 1-9 seconds
SIZE: 8.0" W x 2.6" D x 3.6" H (including mounting bracket)
RESOLUTION: 10, 20, 50, 100, or 200 lb or kg increments
VOLTAGE REQUIRED: 10.5 to 29.0 Vdc
CURRENT DRAW: .5 to 2 amps
PROTECTION: Inline, 2 amp fast acting fuses andreverse voltage protection
WEIGHT: 24 oz (including mounting bracket)

SIZE: 5.6" W x 4.6" D x 1.5" H
2-WIRE COMMUNICATION CABLE: Vulcan designed special cable, urethane jacketed, remains flexible in
cold weather
4-WIRE SENSOR CABLE: Vulcan designed special shielded cable, polyurethane jacketed, 4 conductor
ELECTRONICS: Environmentally sealed
CONNECTORS: Military grade with dual environmental seals

Four Channel Tractor/Trailer CAD Diagram

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